This Season’s Hottest Gadgets

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Who doesn’t like to be on top of their gadget A game? We have the low-down on this season’s hottest gadgets so that wherever you are, you’ll dress to impress.

Best Headphones

If you need a lightweight pair of headphones for the gym, then wireless is the way to go, but if you do most of your listening at home or on your way to work and want top sound quality, then a pair of wired over-ears are a better option.

Our top pick is the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones.Chic looking and extremely convenient for portable use, they’re noise-canceling, making them perfect for your morning commute, and offer top quality sound.

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Best Smart Watch

With recent significant upgrades, The Apple Watch 2 is a high contender. It features a GPS chip, it is waterproof, and of course, boasts a chic design which makes it one of the smartest smartphones on the market right now. Siri is even available for all of your silly or important questions. Just as with other apple products it comes in a range of shades.

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Best Camera

The latst Fuji X-T2 camera has hit the stands, as is the best in the market right now. Fuji’s 24.3MP X Trans III CMOS sensor is top notch, featuring unprecedented autofocus and customization options. What’s more, camera experts will love its double-hinged rear display and many body-mounted controls. This camera shoots beautiful images and is extremely user-friendly even for novices.


Best Fitness Tracker

The Moov Now isn’t the most expensive on the market, and may not have all the features that some of the other trackers may have, but its battery life lasts 6 months which is a lot longer than most. You can track your steps, your sleep, your fitness, your running and a lot more. What’s even greater, is that because of its cheap price tag, you can get a feel for it without splashing big and move onto another one if you become more of a fitness freak in the future.


Best Tablet

The new iPad (2017), has upgraded is display to a sharp 9.7-inch, and exudes a beautiful design. The new tablet offers storage at 32GB unlike before when it was only 16GB. Without a hefty price tag, you are getting a bargain here.

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