The Benefits of Lemon Water

When you wake up in the morning, after turning the alarm clock off you probably want to reach for a nice strong cup of coffee to get the day started. BUT, why don’t you try something else which has a whole bunch of lovely benefits for your entire body – lemon water? Here are three of its main benefits that may just convince you to give up your morning coffee. Just maybe!

Jumpstart Your Metabolism

If you combine lemon juice with warm water it actually helps you to lose weight. It does this in two ways. First, it ramps up your digestive tract while providing you with a lot of the vitamins and nutrients you need for healthy living. It contains vitamin C, calcium, potassium and many more. Once your digestive tract is scooting along, your metabolism will also get a boost. An increase in metabolism means that your body is burning energy, which means calories, so you should begin to lose weight via this.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

While we all try to take care of our bodies we sometimes find ourselves with the occasional aches and pains in our joints and maybe our teeth. Surprisingly, lemon juice actually has its own anti-inflammatory agents which work to combat pain caused by swollen joints. As well, if you are prone to sore throats then sipping on warm lemon water can cut down on the pain and act as a disinfectant to prevent future ones. Lastly, it can keep your gums healthy and deal with any toothaches you might be experiencing until you can make it to a dentist.

Healthy Skin

Have you found that your skin has been breaking out and nothing seems to be working? Well, it may be because you need to cut some things out of your diet or add some in. Lemon water has the ability to affect the pH balance in your body, and actually even it out. Drinking it will have a myriad of benefits, but a lot of people find that when they introduce it to their diet they see an overall change in their body, including their skin. It makes it brighter and common afflictions like acne or rashes calm down or even disappear.

If you have been looking to try something new in your morning routine then give sipping on some warm lemon water each day a try and see how your body changes.